Samuel Maling (MBChB, MMed, MPH)

Co-Investigators at MUST.
Samuel Maling, MBChB, MMed, MPH, is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at MUST where he has been responsible for training and mentoring both undergraduate and postgraduate students and has guided the curriculum review and implementation process at MUST. He is the MURTI Program Director 2 and a trainer in the Leadership Development Program offered to the undergraduate students in preparation for community placement. He was a co-investigator of the MEPI-MESAU MUST project and has authored a book chapter on Psychiatric Problems of HIV/AIDS and their Management in Africa. On the TUITAH program, he is Co-investigator at MUST responsible for the scientific, fiscal and administrative component. He is also be key Program Faculty for Specific Aim 1.

Godfrey Rukundo (MBChB, MMed, PhD)
Godfrey Rukundo, MBChB, MMed, PhD

Godfrey Rukundo, MBCHB,MMED,PhD,is a Head of the Department of Psychiatry at MUST, a medical educationist with experience in developing and implementing curriculum for medical students, and vice chairperson for Quality Assurance committee at MUST. He is an expert in psychiatry with a research focus in schizophrenia, depression, HIV mental health, and mental disorders secondary to general medical conditions. He has supervised student research projects, has training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Community and primary care psychiatry, Leadership skills, Micro-research, qualitative data analysis, and research translation. On the TUITAH program, he is providing training and mentorship to the trainees as well as mentorship on the Micro research model. He is key Program Faculty for Specific Aim 3.

Edith Wakida (MA, MRA)

Edith Wakida MA, MRA is the Research Manager in the Office of Research Administration at MUST. On the MURTI grant (D43TW010128), she has responsibility for research administration, ethics compliance, and communication; provides mentoring in research administration to the MURTI Fellows; oversees MURTI program monitoring and evaluation; and prepares annual reports to NIH/FIC. She is the research administrative contact for the MUREEP grant (R25TW010507; PI: Gertrude Kiwanuka). On the TUITAH program, Ms. Wakida is Co-investigator in-charge of program coordination across partner institutions (and key Program Faculty for Specific Aim 4); she works with the TUITAH Principal Investigator Prof. Obua in providing oversight for overall program implementation and ensuring compliance to the proposed statement of work. In addition, she is the lead research administrative contact with NIH for the grant and provides mentoring to the partner institutions to ensure compliance.

Jane Kabami (BNS, MPH)

Co-investigator at Bishop Stuart University
Jane Kabami, BNS, MPH is the Head of the Department of Nursing at Bishop Stuart University. She has participated in the design and implementation of numerous HIV/AIDS projects in Uganda and has over 10 years’ experience training nurses, midwives and Public health scientists.

She has been the clinic manager of the Immune Suppression Syndrome (ISS) clinic, one of the high-volume HIV clinics in Western Uganda, has held a number of leadership positions in the treatment and management of HIV, and has coordinated several research studies. She has expertise, leadership, and motivation necessary for community health and stakeholder engagement required in addressing the HIV epidemic.
On the TUITAH program, Ms Kabami is the Co-Investigator at Bishop Stuart University and is also key Program Faculty for Specific Aim 2.

Edward Kumakech (BNS, MPH, PhD)

Co-investigator at Lira University
Edward Kumakech, BNS, MPH, PhD is Associate Professor in Nursing and Midwifery at Lira University. He has expertise in health sciences, particularly nursing and medical science, with specific focus in public health and epidemiology.

He has been PI or Co-Investigator on grants to conduct studies on perceptions and acceptability of integrating HIV and cervical cancer screening services among key stakeholders in Uganda including patients, health care providers and policy makers.

He has strong ties with community-based health care providers for HIV and cervical cancer services from both public and private sectors. On the TUITAH program, he is the Co-Investigator at Lira University responsible for the scientific, fiscal and administrative component and Program Faculty in Aim 1.

Jessica Haberer (MD)

 Co-investigator at MGH (US)
Jessica Haberer, MD is the Director of Research at the Massachusetts General Health Center for Global, which has an existing memorandum of understanding with MUST.

She is an established funded researcher in HIV infection in developing settings for the past 10 years, has partnered with MUST on five NIH-funded grants, and has mentored numerous Ugandan scientists (resulting in 15 publications on which a Ugandan is the first author).

She recently received a K24 Mid-Career Development Award through which she will devote up to 50% of her time mentoring (K24MH114732) through 2022. On the TUITAH program, she is the lead Investigator from Massachusetts General Hospital offering support and guidance in implementation and monitoring of mentorship programs (Aim 1), direct research mentorship (Aim 2), development of health professional retention programs (Aim 3), and support of a community of practice for the proposed network of Ugandan health professionals (Aim 4).