Author - Lawrence Tebandeke

Panel Discussion

HEPI-TUITAH will hold a panel discussion between the LDHF students, their instructors, mentors and two panelists. A panel discussion is a forum where real world issues in HIV are discussed between students and the medical practicing experts especially those who have experience in HIV care. This exercise will take place on Wednesday 14th April 2021 at 3:00 pm EAT via zoom and the two panelists will be Dr. Fred C Semitala and Dr. Godfrey Siu from MJAP.

Anti-Sexual Harassment training of Trainers

HEPI-TUITAH through the SHarPResT project has conducted a series of trainings of Trainers from the 3 institutions (Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Bishop Stuart University and Lira University. Trainings have been happening in a blend of physical attendance and virtually by some of the members attending via zoom.  The trainees were also members on the University Sexual Harassment Committees from their respective institutions. The lead trainer  was Ms. Rufina Oloa.  

SHarPresT Anti-Sexual Harassment Information Educative Communication (IEC) Materials for students

In our fight against sexual harassment especially in the academic institutions of Uganda, through the SHarPrest Project, we have developed Information Educative Communication materials for the students from Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Lira University and Bishop Stuart University to educate them of their role in the fight against sexual Harassment. To access these materials please click here

Launch of the new SHarPResT project under HEPI-TUITAH

The Sexual Harassment Prevention Response Training (SHarPResT) Program is another NIH funded project under HEPI-TUITAH. The aim of  SHarPResT is to create awareness and educate stakeholders about sexual harassment (SH), prevention and response, and support implementation of institutional SH policies. The project will be launched on 27th/Novemebr/2020 at 15:00hrs EAT at Igongo Country Resort Mbarara. Attachments     SH Poster   Schema of the Reporting and Handling Sexual Harassment Cases at MUST