Bishop Stuart University Conducts Training for Primary Health Service Providers

Bishop Stuart University Conducts Training for Primary Health Service Providers

The training was in line with the fulfillment of AIM 2 of the project and its overall goal was “enhance the capacity of Primary Health Care providers to deliver comprehensive HIV service delivery and strengthen bidirectional linkages between health facilities and communities in rural Uganda”

A total number of 20 trainees who included Primary Health Care (PHC) providers,  VHTs and peer mothers were selected from 5 health facilities of Kinoni HCIV, Ndeija HCIII, Biharwe HCIII, Bugamba HCIV and Bwizibwera HCIV which are practicum sites for Bishop Stuart University students in Mbarara District. The selection which was done by the Facility in charge was based on active involvement in the management of HIV clients by the trainees.

It was a two- day intensive training that took place on April 11th and 12th 2019 at Oxford Inn Mbarara . The In-service training was the second to be conducted for the first cohort of trainees and only the first two topics of Domain 2 in the curriculum was covered. This second domain is “Comprehensive HIV care and treatment”, and has four topics. The two that were delivered included:

  1. Patient centered Approach
  2. HIV prevention strategies:

The methods of training included pre and post training assessments, participatory presentations, group led discussions and group plenary presentations.

Trainees were grouped into 5 according to their respective health facilities and each topic was discussed in groups in a manner conforming to their work environment.

The group activities discussed according to topics were:

  1. Patient Centered Approach:

“Identify key barriers to provision of Patient Centered care of HIV services in your health facility”

 “What interventions can you put in place to remove the barriers to provision of Patient Centered care”

“Describe any challenges to effective communication at your Health facility

 “What measures can you put in place to address the challenges described above?

  1. HIV Prevention strategies:

“List the current strategies being used for prevention of HIV transmission at your facility and identify the issues affecting their implementation and suggest possible solutions to address those factors.

“Identify the different prevention strategies that your facility is currently not offering, give reasons why they are not being implemented and suggest ways how you are going to start implementing those strategies.

The two Facilitators for this training were:

  1. Dr. Ssebutinde Peter        DHO – Mbarara District Local Government
  2. Dr. Bwana Bosco             Assistant Lecturer MUST

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